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Subject: [Leica] FS: Noctilux
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri May 28 18:44:34 2004

On 5/28/04 11:38 AM, "B. D. Colen" <> wrote:

> :-) Your reasoning is impeccable - particularly the close focusing
> issue; a 50 is a lens that might as well be a 35 if you can't get
> reasonably close with it. My guess is that if you were pleased with the
> current (40-year-old) Summilux, you'll be thrilled with the new one -
> and it won't give you Barfabokeh, nor such narrow depth of field that
> subjects often look like paper cutouts...

The Noctilux look is not one of making anything like a paper cutout.
The Noctilux look is one of a distinctive figure - ground which is all about
subtleties and indescribables.

Advantages in buying a Noctilux are:

They make the next lens you get seem real cheap.
They make the next lens you get seem real light.
But unfortunately-
They make the next lens you get seem real SLOW!

They tie up your money in a most delightful way on something you are not
going to use much if you have a loose shelf it will hold it down nice and
-so when the time comes and you are a little broke and you want to play with
money you have some to play with.
Then you can easily come up with the tried and true well excepted criticisms
of the lens to easily justify selling it. (not you John)
Why not NOT? 
Why not just say "Hey I have this ridiculous amount of money tied up on this
special purpose tool I should never got in the first place as I never had
any intention of doing that type of photography in the first place and a red
corvette would improve my image a lot better.
Why not be like one of the few homeless on the street with a sign that says
"NEED MONEY FOR CRACK!" I always give them money the truth always impresses
me. "food" doesn't cut it because there is more free food in Portland than
there is in the rest of the country combined. I always point them to the
next street corner.

A Noctilux SHOULD get you into doing some night shooting which is a gold

Mark Rabiner
"NEED MONEY FOR Noctilux filter!"
Portland Oregon


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