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Subject: [Leica] Private: Epson RD-1, or what?
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Tue May 25 19:45:24 2004

AS far as Nikon vs. Canon the later still does not have anything like Nikons
12-24 f4. Although I'm sure it will in due time. Probably a 3.5 :) but for
twice as much. But it's been a year I've been using this lens.
I want a lens which relates exactly to a 75-200.
That would be a 50 to 135 dx. Ultra sound. Internal focus. Highly qualified
thoroughly educated. (HQTE)
I'd get one even if it has to be a Sigma. And it doesn?t have to be a 2.8 -
variable aperture for me is fine. I like the savings in weight, size and

The D100 and I think the D70 won't meter old Nikon ai or ais glass which is
not such a big deal for me as most of my work is in the studio and I use a
flash meter. You can have a cpu put in older glass for 80 bucks. I've not
The D2h and other better and more current DSLR's from Nikon WILL meter with
the older glass.  Just not in 3d. I found matrix to be right on the money
when it was 2d. 3d was overkill meter wise.

A pro user using a D70 has to live with the fact that if an art director
comes over they are going to tell you that that's the camera they bought for
their 13 year old kid.
People (such as another friend of mine I just talked to) with pro or more
serious photo aspirations I feel should wait for a few more paychecks come
in before they invest in a DSLR.
The film body to back it up perhaps could justify being a bit on the cheaper
side. The the N80 for 500 bucks which has about the same build as the D70
maybe a bit better.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon


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