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Subject: [Leica] Best guitar string for thief thwarting.
From: MCyclWritr at (
Date: Wed May 19 07:28:40 2004


As long as it's folk music, the music of the people, out of tune is 
fine--even preferable in achieving that been-doin'-some-hard-travelin', 
dirt-poor-for-life credibility conceit. 

Regarding "the aural equivalent of bokeh," a newly broken-in phosphor bronze 
string is better than an old, dead string. And, if the guitar string is on a 
strap connected to a pre-war (that'd be WWII) Martin D-28...well, we're talking 
Noctilux-class bokeh from mere proximity. Owning a pre-war D-28 has the bonus 
of putting you solidly in the high-buck guitar owner club, too. Not that such 
status would matter to anyone on this list. 

-Chris Lawson , a man whose quest for knowledge knows no boundaries, 

Being totally non-musical I may be confused, but it seems to me that the 
string would not be able to produce in-tune notes when woven into 
straps.  If so, would this be the aural equivalent of bokeh, and are these 
(presumably modern) strings really the best choice?

Just trying to improve my understanding.

> wrote:
> >>And, btw, if you put woven straps - like the Domke straps, on your
>cameras and camera bags, you can take a guitar string and weave it
>through the strap length wise - which will most definitely ruin the day
>of the sneak thief with the knife or razor....<<

then Chris Lawson wrote:

>I'd recommend a John Pearse medium gauge B-2nd (.017) silvered steel for
>daytime and weave in a couple dressier G-3rd (.026) bronze wound strings for
>evening. If I felt like making that ugly American statement, I'd go with 
>the extra
>chubby E-6th (.056) bronze wounds.
>Okay, it's new thread.