Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/05/10

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Subject: [Leica] Re:Demise of Contax/Yash
From: fmaturana at (Felix Lopez de Maturana)
Date: Mon May 10 11:35:43 2004
References: <>

>Felix,  Noting your reference to the demise of Contax, I received a notice
of a major sale by B&H of all Contax digital and film cameras and
accessories.  Does anyone know of a connection between this >sale and
so-called pending demise of Contax?  Is it possible that B&H is anticipating
Contax production closing down and this sale is their acknowledgment of same
in order to dump their stock?  Any >comments from anyone on what is going on
with Contax would be appreciated?


I don't know. And I cannot ask Mr Henry Posner as in the past I have pointed
out in other list that I couldn't understand the presence in any list of a
commercial guy informing, kindly, of any event that B&H had. I suppose that
this big shop is excellent, probably with Tokyo Kobayasi some of the best
all around the world, but I hate hide advertising and so said to Henry, His
reponse was furious. So I do not buy nothig there.

My opinion about Contax is just that, a personal opinion, and though
reasoned opinion, is not a fact, but could be so in the future. Their
products are excellent and when some tine ago I considered the buy of an
outstanding manual focus equipment I was some time in serious doubt between
Leica R and Contax. But my experience with the Contax N autofocus, that I
bought and give back almost inmediatly, was so bad that very soon I got an
R8. Today with a really measured budget there are several options for
getting an excellent equipment: old MF Nikons with some excellent lenses
35mm f1.4, 24mm f2.8 and 85mm f1.4, even a more cheap Canon FD with same
kind ans same quality  lenses; but my favorite is a old manual Contax with
some Carl Zeiss lenses that are, just now, trully bargains. But, again in my
opinion, there is no future. And Leica is launching new lenses, see the
extraordinary 90mm R Summicron ASPH and the outstanding Vario Elmar 21-35
mm, my more used Leica lens, so the choice is clear but more expensive. I
appreciate Carl Zeiss lenses, and have a bunch, but I do not believe in the
future of Contax.