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Subject: [Leica] Speaking of color and BW
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Fri May 7 18:33:19 2004

On 5/7/04 5:42 PM, "Douglas M. Sharp" <> wrote:

> Personally I prefer the cloured version, probably due to the fact that
> the colours are in monochromatic blocks without any disturbing patterns
> in the main subject. If the girls dress had been strongly patterned and
> your sons sweatshirt, say, a bright red this would IMO have distracted
> away from the faces and made the BW version the better one.
> Douglas
> The german language has a nice way of distinguishing colour schemes
> "bunt" meaning bright, brash, hectic colours (what used to be said of
> the first
> Fuji films) and "Farbig" showing the true colours in a decent tonal
> distribution. The expressions Buntbilder and Farbbilder adequately and
> easily
> describe the difference.
> B. D. Colen schrieb:
>> I just posted four new images at
>> The first two, of my younger son and his girl friend, were shot as bw
>> with the C8080 - the third and fourth, of older son and his girl friend,
>> are the same photo, first as shot in color - 800 asa, with E-1, and then
>> converted to bw using the FredMiranda action. Both the color and BW
>> version were adjusted similarly in Photoshop. So does color add, or
>> distract? We give you the images - you decide! :-)
>> B. D.
>From flunking French in high school (too many freshman girls in miniskirts
and fishnets) I remember there is a masculine and feminine to everything.
The Eiffel tower is masculine.
Now which language has a color or black and white to everything?!
Le Tour Eiffel is black and white that's for damn sure!

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon


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