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Subject: [Leica] Ooops! Here's the address
From: mcintyre at (Jim McIntyre)
Date: Thu Apr 29 19:07:51 2004
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This is the one I think is most successful:

However, I would change the title. I looked at the image first, and was
struck by the irony of the vacancy sign for was for a clearly an abandoned
hotel. However, by not spelling it out in the title, it leaves the viewer
with a slight ambiguity about the place. Maybe it is not abandoned, but
totally derelict. The ultimate seedy roadside, where guests are not there
for a good night's sleep. It is that extra element of "what if" or "what is
it" that IMHO can make an image more interesting.

This one:

also is diminished by a literal title. By naming the peson, you are
introducing an element of familiarity, which again IMHO detracts from the
potential of the image. You may know the person, which makes your frame of
reference different that that of the general viewing public. A title like
"Coney Island Hotdog Vendor", makes the image more open and generic. It
would leave the view open to make their own assesment of the person and his
station in life. The light and framing are very nice, but I might have
cropped out the people on the left, or put more in if you did crop to that.

Thanks for posting!


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From: "Phil Swango" <>
Subject: [Leica] Ooops! Here's the address

> Sorry -- my previous post didn't include the URL to my gallery page.  Here
> it is:
> Phil Swango
> 307 Aliso Dr. SE
> Albuquerque, NM  87108
> 505-262-4085
> 714-908-7846 (fax)

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