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Subject: [Leica] Grossly OT: America WORKS
From: msmall at (Marc James Small)
Date: Sun Apr 18 16:40:05 2004
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At 07:24 PM 4/18/04 -0400, Jim Hemenway wrote:
> > I do not post political commentary on the LUG save in response to the
> > inveterate and outrageous postings of others.
>And there's the problem, you then only help perpetuate those political 
>threads.  I say again, please respond on the Lugforum and spare us.
>Jim -


You fuss at me.  Why did you not fuss at the ten or so progenitors of this
thread?  Was it only because I was the one honest enough to change the
SUBJ: line?

Pray, remain steadfast:  if your role is to schuss those posting political
commentary on the LUG, then this really ought to be a universal reaction
and not one inflicted only on a single responder.  In other words, it would
appear that you were not following the STARBUCKS thread and, hence, did not
understand that it had become politicized until I changed the SUBJ:  line.

But, in the end, your ire and wrath should be directed against those who
caused this thread to drift off onto political topics (where it has
lingered for a day or more) rather than at me;  I am, at the best, a very
late participant in this thread.  If there is shame here, it is shame to
you for not having followed the Starbucks thread as you ought to have done
to have nipped this politicization in the bud early on.

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