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Subject: [Leica] New pics - Noct and 135 Elmarit
From: mitch.zeissler at (Mitch Zeissler)
Date: Sun Apr 18 15:03:17 2004

The Noct is beloved or hated for it's close focus bokeh, but that signature
bokeh fades sharply as the focus plane distance goes up.  The second shot
you refer to of my mother-in-law was taken from a distance of seven or eight
feet (possibly a little more) and cropped to the size you see on the screen.
It's more evident in this image, also shot wide open:

If you take a look at my f/1.0 shots of aircraft at the new Air & Space
Museum Dulles annex
(, you'll find the
same thing has occurred with those images as well.  Almost all those shots
were taken wide open (a couple were at f/1.2), between 1/30th and 1/60th
exposure time with a variety of different ISO 100 chrome films.



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What happened to the dreaded Noct bokah, wide open on the second shot? -Lew

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