Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2004/04/16

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Subject: [Leica] Slides the cat has gone to kitty heaven
From: fmaturana at (Felix Lopez de Maturana)
Date: Fri Apr 16 02:11:38 2004

> >To some, the death of a pet is akin to the death of a child, and to
> >others the emotional resources and money spent on animals is a  scandal.
> >If the time and energy spent taking care of pets was expended on
> >visiting the abandoned sick and aged, or the money spent on having a pet
> >operated on was paid into the medical account of an uninsured sick and
> >needy human being, so much suffering could be alleviated. It baffles me
> >when someone fains concern (many times via documentary photography) for,
> >example, a bloated, fly covered, starving African child, and then rushes
> >in the Volvo to the Vets to have the dog operated on for cancer at a
> >cost of $5,000. Vanity pets have no place in a world of suffering human
> >beings.


I drive a big Volvo and I don't think it's a luxury car but a very durable
and good investment. I have had a dog since I was a child. Actually it's is
the fourth female at home because our life is longer than theirs. I am not
ashamed in confessing I love my dog. She's is a member of my family but I
clearly understand he's not a person however she suffers pains and she gives
us back affection. 

Last dog felt unfortunately from the window and got a broken hip. I didn't
doubt in carrying the animal to a veterinarian clinic where they had the
animal some hours and saved her life. I paid the bill on the idea of acting
rightly in the same way as I pay every year a considerable amount of taxes
and I hope the government will use for the community welfare. When I was
working I earned a very good wage but my work was first quality so I found
it was again right.

I strongly believe that the wealth in the world is very badly distributed
and, so, I give my vote to the politics that say they are engaged in a
better wealth distribution. Excepting some photographic excessive equipment
my life is rather Spartan. I collaborate with some institutions that help
the children and the third world and give them a substantial monetary help.
I'm open to whatever opinion may improve in how my personal activity may
help others. 

But, doest this mean I have to abandon my pet? Why? He gives me company and
affect and I give her back. Better I leave my Leica equipment.