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Subject: [Leica] Confession time!
From: mark at (Mark Rabiner)
Date: Sat Apr 10 01:41:38 2004

On 4/9/04 1:18 PM, "Jerry Lehrer" <> wrote:

> Frank
> Thinking back to 1953 and earlier, most weddings that I shot were
> on Sundays.  I have photographed Catholic, many denominations
> of Protestant, Jewish, Greek and Russian Orthodox, and Hindu
> weddings.  There were some on Saturdays.
> Jerry
When I was growing up in the 50's in our first house in Rosyln hts, Brower's
Hills Long island New York all the kids in the neighborhood were either
Catholic or Jewish. I am half Catholic and Jewish as it turns out. They said
I had a choice and when I saw the Catholic kids got at least one day off a
week for some holiday I sure wanted to be Catholic. But it turned out I
didn?t have a choice as a kid. What kid does?

Also a few weeks after my Grandma died I asked my Mom how she was doing in
"She's not IN heaven" She said. "WE'RE JEWISH!"
That sure clinched it.

When we moved to the North Shore of Chicago the demographics of where I
lived was way different. I asked a kid on the sidewalk if he was Catholic or
He said he was Presbyterian.
I asked him if he went to temple on Saturdays and had multiple wives.
He said he'd check but he didn't think so.

The next kid I asked said he was a Episcopalian.
I asked him if he went to temple on Saturdays and had multiple wives and was
pretty sure he'd say yes.
But he said he had only one Mom he knew about and resented the implications.
I stopped asking.

Turned out we were the only Jewish family for miles.
They weren't so fond of Catholics either.

But then I went to high school and they had jimmied all the boundaries
My friends from grammar school would pull me secretively over to the side of
the hall and for instance ask me what a "schmuck" was.

"Something you call somebody you are real fond of" I might have said.
And they would have not been fooled.

Mark Rabiner
Portland Oregon

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