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Subject: [Leica] Friday For Sale List
From: mak at (Mark Kronquist)
Date: Fri Apr 2 18:02:44 2004

I prefer PayPal many items are new in the box (and indicated by the initials
NIB) I will ship worldwide offers encouraged. Figure most small stuff add $5
for postage cameras and stuff depends on zip to ship to
thanks Mark

Leica R Eyecup $10

Leica Leicaflex Macrotar VIa close up lens NIB  $20

Leica Elpro Close Up Lens VI b $10 EX++

Leica Binoculars Case Leather Black NIB Cat 42179  $25

Moonlight Night Vision Scope New Demo with Manual MPN 1400 1400x light
amplification $125

Konica Accessory Shoes Have 3  $10 each or $20 for all 3

Konica Battery Case LR6 FT 1 for AA Cells NIB $10

Tamron 28mm Plastic Snap On Lens Hood $10

Tamron Adaptall 2 Lens Mounts

R I  (marked on back is this for Leica R or Rollei or ???)  $40

Nikon DK 9 Rubber Eyecup NIB $10

Nikon DK 3 Eyecup NIB $10

T Mount for Nikon AI NIB $10

Nikon AI with Prong $15 (for Ai and older lenses with the meter prong)

Nikon AI no Prong  $15 each have 3 $35 for all 3

Nikon Stuff  

Nikon MD 11 untested looks EX  $40 as is

Nikon Nikkor Manual Focus AIs 85m f2 glass and mechanics EX lots of paint
wear. This is an ex-press Nikon USA loaner lens and has been well used but
also well maintained...$125

Nikon Nikkor 24mm f2.8 AIs same story as the 85mm...but EX cosmetics much
nicer looking and works great (as does the 85)  $125

Nikon Nikkor AF D 35-70f4-5.6 EX+ metal lens mount has apature ring (the
current G version of this lens lacks the aperture ring and has a plastic
lens mount)  $75

Nikon 2 Year Extended Warranty for N60 N70 FM10 Pronea S Pronea 61

Darkroom Stuff

Enlarging Lenses

Voss 75mm f3.5 $10
Simon 2 Inch f4.5 $10
German Travegar 85mm f4.5 $10

Wollensak 75mm f4.5 $10
Isco 75mm f4.5 $10 German
No Brand %0mm? 4.5 German $10

Beseler 23 C Negative Carrier for 16mm or 110  $25

Beseler 23 C Negative Carrier 120 adapted for full frame 35mm with the artsy
edge black borders  $25

Beseler 23 C carrier for 120 NIB  $30

Beseler 23 C carrier for 6 x 7 NIB  $30

Leica R Baseblate Cover? Motor Drive top cover Black Plastic with red Leitz
Metal Dot... $10

Printex 4 x 5 American Made Press Camera GREY Original with Manual only one
of three known. Tessar 135 lens works great EX cosmetics  $250

Minolta SRT XG XD Manual Focus Camera Body Caps $5 each bag of 25  $75

Minolta Battery Holder for Maxxum 5000 7000 $10

Minolta BH 70 T Battery Holder NIB have 2 $10 each

Minolta Cable EX have 3 NIB Flash Cable $20 each No Box 2 at $15 each

Minolta Cable OC (Flash) 2 at $15 Each

Minolta Wide Panel 280 PX Have 2 $5 each

Minolta Wide Panel CAT 8668-500 NIB $5

Minolta Off Camera Shoe OS 1100 NIB $20

Minolta Flash Shoe Adapter FS 1200 NIB have 2  $15 Each

Bag of old Minolta stuff for SR SRT XK ...$10 for all

Minolta NIB Close Up Card for 7xi 8000i 7000i 5000i $10 Bracket Card no Box
$5 Data Card 2 No Box $5

Minolta BH 70 S Battery Holder NIB $10

Minolta AC Adapter 4 $10

Griswold 35mm Film Splicer Metal $25 POSTAGE WILL BE GROUND

Canon Eyecups

Round Rubber Square Opening I have 14 $5 each

Round Rubber Round Opening I have 1 $5

Rubber shaped like an upside down U with open botton of course I have 3  $5

Same as above but with hard plastic all the way around the square eyepiece

Canon F1n Motor Drive Caps these are VERY hard to find three large two small
$5 each

Canon F1n Battery Cord C-FN have 2  $20 each

Canon A2 A2E Battery Door $10

Canon TTL Distributor $20 NIB

Canon NIB Focusing Screen D Grid Silver Box CAT CZ6 0556 $15

Canon BP 5 for Elan 2 and ??? $20

Canon AE 1 AE 1 P Drive Cover $5

Canon Eyepiece Ring 2 $5 NIB

Canon EOS 1 Booster Cap (?) $5

Canon T Mount for FD Lenses NIB $10 each have 3

T Mount for Pentax SM $10 NIB

T Mount for Pentax K $10 NIB

T Mount for Contax Yashica NIB $10

T Mount Konica NIB $10

Tamron 84FH Hood $5

Tamron Close Up Lens for 28-200 72mm NIB $20


Eyecup 1  $10

OM 1 Motor Drive Cover $10

Shoe 1 NIB  $20

Shoe 2  $20

Rear Lens Cap $5

Pen FT Manual Gold Cover $10 each have 2

Rubber Lens Shade for 85 f2 100 f2.8 $5


Beattie Intenscreen for Pentax LX NIB $25

Pentax Focusing Screen M NIB $15

Pentax Extension Cord F 5P NIB $20

Pentax Remote ControlD $10 NIB

Pentax 645 Eyecup NIB $10 each have 2

Pentax Eyecup F NIB $10

Pentax Focusing Screen FI-80 NIB $15

Pentax Hot Shoe Adapter F $10 each have 2

Pentax Hot Shoe Adapter FG NIB $10

Pentax Accessory Shoes for SM Cameras Have 4 $10 each

Pentax 67 Bag of Lens and Body Caps 10+  $20

Pentax SM Body Caps $5 each have 8

Pentax S to K adapter for SM Lenses on K Bodies NIB $10

Original English Language Manuals $5 each
SF 1n
SF 1
ES II have 3
AF 280 T Flash
AF 400 T Flash
ME Super
IQ Zoom EZY EZY Date
Pentax 67
Pentax AF 500 FTZ (copy spiral bound)

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