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Subject: Re: [Leica] Visoflex & Bellows
From: Michiel Fokkema <>
Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2004 12:27:34 +0100
References: <>

Hi luc,
The visoflex has a M-bayonet. So you can mount any M-lens. For instance 
your 50mm or 90mm. The working range will be somewhat restricted, but it 

Best regards,

Michiel Fokkema

Luc Bourgeois wrote:
> Thanks Michiel, John & Sid.
> Yes, I surely made a mistake on the bellows number. The ring I have on 
> the front of the bellows is numbered 16558. On it are listed the 
> following lenses:  1:4/90, 1:2.8/90, 1:3.5/65. I have a modern 90 1:2.8, 
> I don't think I should unscrew its head. I will look for the Hove book 
> sometime soon.
> So, with the appropriate ring, the 135...hum.... Now how about without 
> using the bellows, can I do anything, close-up wise, with the Visoflex 
> II? Where can I get these adaptor rings?
> I will check out John's link too...
> Luc
> On St-Valentine's Day, 2004, at 06:40  PM, S. Chatterjee & W.F. Grey wrote:
>> For butterflies the magnification is < 1 so I would try to use the 65mm
>> Elmar, designed for close up photography. For insects the 
>> magnification is >
>> 1 and the object to front element of the lens may be too close for the 
>> 65mm
>> Elmar. You may want to use the optical head of the Tele Elmar 135mm and
>> screw that on to the normal adapter ring on the bellows.
>> Sid
> 06:14  PM, John Collier wrote:
>> Here is a page on the Visoflex 1 to 3 and Bellows 2 as well:
>> Close up cheap? Get a bellows front ring that has an M bayonet mount 
>> (16596). Mount lenses and go. The magnification will be very large 
>> though. Next cheapest would be buy a Cheap 135 Hektor and the adapter 
>> to mount it to the bellows and then you have coverage from Infinity 
>> and Beyond (Very Close Indeed).
>> John Collier
> 05:20  PM, Michiel Fokkema wrote:
>> Hello Luc,
>> First of all I supose you have a viso III and bellows II. A bellows 
>> III does not exist.
>> The answer depends a bit on what ring you have now. If you can tell me 
>> what ring you have I can tell you what lenses will fit. You can also 
>> buy the Hove's Leica accesory guide. This small book has all the info 
>> you look for. Also a Leica handbook from that time will give you all 
>> the info.
>> If I presume you have the standard ring the folowing lensens will fit: 
>> heads of: Elmar90, (early)elmarit90, elmar65 and Tele-elmar 135.
>> For the bellows II there are also rings available for: photar lenses, 
>> 135 hektor head, 125 hektor head, M-bayonet, early 90 summicron head, 
>> early 50 summicron head, head elmarit 135, head telyt 200/4, head 
>> telyt 280/4.8  and screw mount lenses including the enlarger lenses.
>> Best regards,
>> Michiel Fokkema
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