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Subject: Re: [Leica] Interesting piece on the Digital R
From: Frank Dernie <>
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 05:44:59 +0000

I agree with everything you say Adam.
I do not like multi function button controls and my R8 is ergonomically 
excellent. The C*non DSLR I have has the less used buttons along the 
left edge where I find them more convenient than the more used 
multifunction buttons on the top.
This is the first time I have seen information of this type and I was 
very interested.
What the camera will do, presumably, is to take pictures - what more is 
there to know? I am sure we can trust Leica to uphold their normal high 
standards of picture quality.


On Wednesday, February 11, 2004, at 09:57  pm, Adam Bridge wrote:

> On 2004-02-16 < (B. D. Colen)> thoughtfully wrote:
>> Adam - Your post is really interesting because what we have here is a
>> great example of beauty etc. being in the eye of the beholder -
>> I looked at this same PDF and thought two things:
>> 1 - Why are they wasting my time with a photos of engineers and a 
>> board
>> - and why aren't they telling me more about what the camera will do if
>> they succeed?
> For me it's always interesting to see the "breadboard" layout phase of 
> any
> project. I'm an EE so its interesting.
> Sometimes it's hard to believe you're even ASSOCIATED with MIT since 
> any
> engineer worth the degree would at least find these kind of images 
> instructive
> about where a project might be.
> Back in a former life I remember following the MicroVAX BY DIGITAL from
> breadboard to final formfactor. It was a fascinating project and one I 
> enjoyed
> following, even on the outside. This is just the same.
> I like seeing the people involved: they're real.
>> 2 - These controls are weirdly laid out. I was particularly put off by
>> the four buttons down the left side, which struck me as weird 
>> placement.
> I don't remember if you use an R but if you do, and use the right-hand 
> side
> handstrap (as with the motor-R) then you'd find those four buttons 
> would be well
> located for left-handed operation. None of the buttons appear to be 
> needed to
> routinely operate the camera - which  you appear to be able to do via 
> the
> circular rocker panel to the right of the display with its MENU 
> button. I'm
> assuming the "ON/OFF" button might be for the LCD display.
> I'm wondering at that "PLAY" button...
> It doesn't look like there will be a mode with image AND histogram 
> automatically
> shown on the LCD display. Or just the histogram which is probably more 
> useful
> for me.
>> The other thing that struck me was that this camera will really be 
>> quite
>> a behemoth, and that I will at least no longer have to hear complaints
>> about "giant" DSLRs from those touting this particular monster. ;-)
> It looks to me to be the same size, or perhaps smaller, than a 1Ds. 
> That's big
> of course. The unit is, after all, a hybrid add-on.
> I have not USED this camera (obviously) but I'm partial, as I said, to 
> the R8
> ergonomics. I like the way the Leica engineers think about cameras.
> I see nothing in this image to make me feel differently.
> now I WOULD also like a discussion about the digital back's design and
> functionality. I can also imagine why they won't be talking about it 
> in detail
> for a while. But if Leica wanted to do everyone a service they'd use 
> the
> opportinity to write about the design decisions, firmware decisions 
> etc that
> went into the camera.
> Adam Bridge
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