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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Visoflex / Telyt Extension tubes
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 14:09:51 -0600


Are the 14134-1 & 14134-2 extension tubes the ones used for the 60/2.8
Macro lens?


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>Frank Filippone asked:
> > What are the names or ID numbers of the extension tubes for use with
> the 480 or longer Telyt lenses when used on the Visoflex housing? What
> are their lengths and close focusing distances?

and Doug Herr replied:

>480?  do you mean 280 or 400?
>The 14182 extension tube was made to fit between the lens head and mount
>tube of the 400mm and 560mm f/6.8 Telyts.  It's 60mm long and gives a
>minimum focus distance of about 6' with the 400.


The 14134-1 & 14134-2 extension tube combination works well with the 400mm
Telyt (between the body and the lens) and reduces the close focus point to
about 8 feet.  I have, but not yet tried the 14134-3 25mm threaded
extension between the two.  I have it, and will report... as soon as I can
remember where I put it!
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