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Subject: [Leica] Tight framing with M 21/24 lenses?
From: "Emanuel Lowi" <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 21:46:17 -0500

"Is there an article or book (possibly very old) which delves into 
visualizing or offering rules of thumb for tight framing with (almost 
perfect) parallax correction (as in achieving slr type results) when using 
Leica M very wide angle 21mm and 24mm rangefinder lenses with external 
viewfinders or similar cameras/lenses?"

This is a real doozy of a question. Yikes! 

My answer (like that of others here) is: no. And given the best purpose the 21/24
Leica M lenses have often been put to by working shooters -- close range action --
this framing issue is rarely critical. I basically watch out for the top of the frame
and let the bottom fall where it may. The Leica M with these ultra-wides is not, for
example, generally considered a great combo for precise architectural photography or
perfect landscapes. There are far better tools for those purposes.

There is a partial opto-mechanical solution in getting one of the lenses "goggled,"
as Tom A. has. But even this will not convey SLR-type framing accuracy, and there are
trade-offs in the bargain.

Emanuel Lowi
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