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Subject: Re: [Leica] Negative cutting solution
From: Luc Bourgeois <>
Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 10:59:51 -0500

A general reply:

Don Dory wrote:

> A 35mm frame is 8 frames so find someplace that you know as good and
> count

Yes Don, I use that method. Still is pretty hard to cut perfectly.

And I usually cut over a light table, and sometimes even with extra 

Tina Manley wrote:

> Use your eyes.

Uh uh, I do, 'till they're about to fall right out of the sockets!

> Photoshop can fix anything ;-)

I knew someone would go there!    Tina, are you a digital-glorifying, 
techno-admiring life-form, or something? ;-I

Feli di Giorgio wrote:

> short, rear hinged scissors.

Daniel Ridings wrote:

> I recognize Luc's problem with the M3. He has one like mine. The frames
> are actually a little bit larger than the frames on an M2 or later.
> The frames are just too big. The film is
> advanced by the same number of sprockets, but the larger frames eat up 
> the
> space that would have been between them

> Go to a sewing store. Buy the smallest scissors you can. Embroidery
> scissors are small (don't block your view) and sharp (real sharp :( ).

Yo Brother! That's the prob.  Aahh, to feel understood !


> even a jammed Hasselblad ? ;-)

Maybe the sharp scissors will work for that too?

Mark Rabiner wrote:

> Get a real nice pair of skinny scissors

Yep. Will seek out scissors...

Justin Low wrote:

> I use a Polaroid slide cutter I bought from Dante. It's pretty 
> accurate.

Here's new info. Anybody else using this method?

Thanks all.


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