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Subject: Re: [Leica] Darkroom Survey
From: Peter Klein <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 14:42:49 -0800 (PST)

1. Actual use:  Digital lightroom only. 

Digital light room:
	Canon FS4000 35mm scanner
	Dell GX1 souped up with 1.2 gig Tualatin, 576 Megs RAM, 60 Gig HD
	Picture Window Pro
	Neat Image (occasionally)
	Graphire pen & tablet (makes spotting *so* much easier)
	Epson 1280 with MIS hextone inks

But:  I have a Durst M-301, El Nikkor 50/2.8, trays, film tanks and such,
but that's boxed up in the garage.  Until moving to my house and the
subsequent digital revolution, I printed my own B&W up to 8x10.  I reserve
the right to resume developing my own B&W film if I have time.  No space
or plans to reassemble the traditional printing darkroom.  

Currently I use commercial processing for film (35mm exclusively), and
scan and print the good B&W stuff. I occasionally print color, but usually
just take color to a lab for enlargements.

2.  100% digital

3.  Both film and digital.

4.  70% film, 30% digital.  Film is mostly B&W, occasionally color when I
travel, etc. Digital is 90% color.

	M6TTL, 35, 50, 90
	M4-P,  "
	Olympus OM-2, 28, 50, 50 macro, 100, 70-150, 2x converter
	Zorki 4, 50

Digicam: Nikon Coolpix 990

- --Peter

- --------------- 
> 1. Traditional darkroom only   /  Traditional darkroom plus digital
> darkroom
> 2. If both, in what proportion.
> 3. Using film cameras only / Both film and digital
> 4. If both, in what proportion

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