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Subject: Re: [Leica] Japan photographs
From: Clive Moss <>
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 09:23:39 -0600
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Karen Nakamura said the following on 1/17/2004 1:40 AM:

> I've finally gotten around to organizing my photographs from the summer, 
> scanning them, and posting them online (nothing like having a cold on a 
> Friday night).  I spent 6 weeks in Japan with my Leica M7, Nikon S2, and 
> Canon EOS-3 taking photographs of people working in various situations.
> I'll be in Japan again this summer, this time for 10 months. My research 
> this time will be on disability and education.
Nice set. Makes me almost homesick -- I lived in Tokyo for about a year 
in 1981/82, and went back for a few months a year through most of the 
80s. Lots of great equipment to be bought at at good prices, then. I 
still have not scanned and posted the pictures :-)
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