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Subject: Re: [Leica] Wolf Photos
From: Daniel Ridings <>
Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 08:43:35 +0100 (MET)
References: <>

I think we're all missing the point.

Jerry has been pulling our leg. He put up these shots and drew our
attention to the wolf/dog but he was actually just sneaking in some
pictures of his two daughters, right past the rule against such postings
(I break it all the time ... :) ).


On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Frank Dernie wrote:

> I wouldn't imagine that the part wolf would be any more dangerous than
> a Rottweiller, Dobermann, Alsatian (German Shepherd), Golden Cocker
> Spaniel or Bull Terrier in this respect. I know of cases with all these
> breeds of the sudden turning of a friendly dog into attack mode.
> On Monday, October 27, 2003, at 02:21  am, Dan C wrote:
> > BD was being a bit sarcastic, but what happened with Roy and his tiger
> > could happen in exactly the same manner with a pet wolf.   The wolf can
> > appear to fit right into the family, but then one day someone will
> > stare at
> > the wolf the wrong way, or may stumble and fall while playing with it,
> > or
> > run a bit too quickly away from it while being chased,  and the wolf's
> > instincts can suddenly exert themselves, and he can attack.   You
> > obviously
> > had a good experience with your dog/wolf combo, but that doesn't
> > lessen the
> > care that someone must take when deciding to keep a wolf as a pet.
> >
> > Even among dogs there are great differences between breeds.  Compare a
> > small terrier with a dog such as a mastiff.  They behave like different
> > animals, yet are  the same species.
> >
> > dan c.
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