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Subject: Re: [Leica] Kodak High Definition 400
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2003 00:00:19 -0700
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Peter Klein wrote:
> Does anyone know if Kodak High Definition 400 is a new film, or an old film
> renamed?
> I just shot a roll of it outdoors at EI 200.  I've often done this with
> Supra 400 and T400CN, with excellent results.  I didn't like what I got
> with Hi-Def 400 when enlarged much.  Not sure if it was the film or the
> processing.
> I believe Supra 400 has been discontinued.  Can anyone suggest a film with
> similar qualities?  I can't understand why they discontinued such a good
> film.  It worked nicely with low light at EI 400 and in full daylight at EI
> 200, and was hardly any grainier than Supra 100.
> --Peter
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Brings state-of-the-art KODAK ADVANTIX Film technology to 35 mm, for
superior grain in the
       400-speed class. 
>From the Kodak site.

Which must mean they tried real hard because the film is so damn small.

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