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From: Dante Stella <>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 23:15:06 -0400

(and feel free to pass this along to anyone outside of the email lists 
to which this is posted - I don't belong to Cosina or Rollei groups, 
for example)

"Everyone's going digital..."

So frigging what.  Their pictures are lousy anyway.  Time to redeem the 
medium, not through faith alone, but by good works.  So dust off your 
CLE, SRT101, Hexar or Rolleiflex or whatever and produce!

- ---------
It just wouldn't be the same on digital.

- -------
Another token prize worthy of a British game show.

1.	If winner is in US - New Energizer 1 hour NiMH Charger (110/220V) 
with 4 x 1850MAH AA cells
- -- A Canadian winner in Windsor could pick up the charger in Detroit at 
the border.

2.	If winner is anywhere outside the US  - US $25 via Paypal.  This is 
a function of shipping costs.

- --------
1.	Picture must be taken with a film camera which you *presently* own.

2.	Files should be in JPEG format, 7 quality or better (it can actually 
be as high as you want), 550 pixel maximum height.  Make the filename 
the first 8 digits of your home telephone number (start with area 
code/city prefix).  If you are gamma-savvy, this will probably be 
judged on an Windows machine.

3.	Your email should contain name, title of photo, camera and lens 
used, film used, and any other special technical information.  NO 
EXEGESIS.  Save that for English 101.  This is a visual contest.

4.	You (whether winner or not) grant permission to display on a web 
with other entrants (when contest is completed).  I will respect 
reasonable requests to watermark images with your name to prevent 

5.	Entries are due at 11:59pm Eastern US time on Sunday, October 19, 

6.	Libby's (er... the panel of impartial judges') decisions are final.

Good luck!
Dante Stella

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