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Subject: [Leica] Re: [Rollei] Not impressed with Zeiss
From: Jerry Lehrer <>
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2003 13:12:03 -0700
References: <>


Yes, but when that lens was offered for a Leica M body, not
many complained.  (I know, I shudda bought one when it was
first offered in 1972)


Bob Shell wrote:

> The Hologon body was simply a Contarex with the mirror box removed.  As
> such it has the same shutter sound as a Contarex without the whirr of
> the mirror going up.
> Bob
> On Monday, October 6, 2003, at 02:57 PM, wrote:
> > Apart from the lenses in my Rollei's, the only Zeiss item I own is a
> > Hologon Ultrawide, one of the original ones mounted in it's own
> > dedicated (but truly pathetic) body.  The lens is amazing, so is the
> > body, but in the sense of amazingly crummy.
> > Even the rewind crank is amatuerish, and if you can raise the crank
> > without breaking a fingernail, it digs into the ball of your thumb to
> > turn it. Also it's actually hard to belive a non-SLR 35mm body could
> > be made to have such a noisy shutter.
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