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Subject: Re: [Leica] Fw: LC5 noise at 400 iso
From: Dennis Painter <>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 22:05:11 -0700
References: <005601c36754$76439440$>

Could there be heat from the LCD display that warms the CCD sensor? Temperature
is a factor in dark current but for some reason the camera manufactures don't
seem to think it's a big effect. Probably because the amount of photons is a
lot, but when trying for ever higher ASA ratings it seems that dark current
should become a significant factor.

Sonny Carter wrote:

>  Peter Klein and I have been chatting offlist about an on topic issue,
> (horrors!)  noise in the Lika Leica and Digilux at 400 iso.
>  Peter said:  There was one other angle to the high ISO noise that I didn't
>  post on the  LUG because I only heard about it from one person.  He said
>  that the LCD display created bad noise in the image, and he got much better
>  pictures  with the LCD off.  IF true, that could be a result of bad
>  shielding design, or a QC problem with his particular camera.
>  (Back to Sonny) So I set up my camera and took a couple shots of the same
> location at ISO 400 with the LCD and without.  The file is quite a bit
> better as regards noise with the LCD turned off.  I can see that some
> software cleaning might make it better still.
> Here's a section of the image, but it still is quite sizable,
>  so if you dialup use this link
>  Regards,
>  SonC

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