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Subject: [Leica] squabbling over digitial vs. film
From: "Gary Klein" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Aug 2003 14:44:32 -0500

From my personal experience, there is a different look to digital versus
film.  Film to me has what I call a more historic gritty look to it due to
the grain no matter how fine grained and digital has an ultra clean look,
which is different in subtle manners, depending upon the chip-camera maker
and or Photoshop operator.

I think that for many digital is faster quicker and so forth.  Film is for
the more deliberate photographer, who wants to have the chemical influence
in his work (i.e. black and white tone control)

Recall that even Ansel Adams predicted the development and the growth of the
digital medium.  I am sure if he were around today, he would embrace it or
at the least try to understand it to see if it would work with his style and
type of photography.

That doesn't mean anyone should pick on one medium or another.  I use both
mediums at present and I know there are instances where I prefer film and
vice versa.

It should be interesting when the R series digiback becomes available....


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