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Subject: RE: [Leica] RE: Johnny Deadman <>
From: "Red Dawn" <>
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2003 02:21:10 +0800

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Subject: [Leica] RE: Johnny Deadman <>


>87 milliseconds, so a little bit slower.

Actually I believe all the flagship high end EOS cameras like the EOS
1v, EOS 1D and EOS 1Ds have shutter lag times of 55 ms.

That's slower than my M, of course, but anyone who has actually used
those Canon bodies (I have, the 1v) will know working with them is so
much faster, shutter lag or not. By the time I finish focusing the M,
the 1v would have taken 9 perfectly focused shots :)

To add insult to injury, each of those shots will have the optimum plane
of focus on the desired subject, without resorting to hyperfocal
methods... The trick is to just use the centre focusing point - exactly
like the M. AF, then recompose. With the M, focus, then recompose...same

U can nail shots at f1.2 at 85mm perfectly right on the eyes with OFF
CENTRED composition, either with multi point AF or plain old ground
glass MF with the EOS 1v, while with the M, u'll be hoping that ur brand
new 75 f1.4 Summilux is working well with ur rangefinder. Take care too
while recomposing for an off center composition - u just might move the
Leica out of that shallow DOF :)

But of course the M is still invaluable for wat the 1v cannot provide -
small, discreet, lightweight, quiet shutter, quality M lenses, black
paint....oops forget about the black paint :) That's why we're still
using them ain't it?????

M6, 1v - Each has their place in my Domke F2 :) I'm glad I have both.

Boon Hwee

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