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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica] Saving Leica-digital RF system?
From: "Jim Laurel" <>
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 23:46:15 -0700
References: <>

It's a question of marketing.  The pitch is simple: Here is a product that
produces results of the highest order, exceeding what can be produced by the
best DSLRs.  The range of focal lengths is limited, as is the case with all
RF systems, but you get high quality output in a compact space.  The lenses
are fast, so you can shoot in lower light without raising the ISO, which
invites more noise.  All things being equal in terms of sensor sensitivity
vs noise, a faster lens is still a huge advantage.

I can't understand why this is not an interesting market niche for any of
the major manufacturers.  Everyone wants quality results from a compact
device.  The point and shoots with slow fixed zoom lenses just don't fit the

If Konica produces a digital Hexar, the only products Leica will have that
will be of any interest at all are the M lenses, and that's only if they can
be adapted to focus accurately on the Hexar D.

This all seems so obvious to me, and I can't imagine that smart people at
Leica don't see it as well.  The DMR seems to be a waste of time.  What is
the unique value proposition of such a device as compared to your garden
variety CaNikon DSLR?  An R9 with the DMR will not be able to do anything
the D1s cannot do, and in 18-24 months the DMR's specs will likely be
equaled by the current $1500 DSLR from Canon.  No one is positioned to build
the compact digital RF better than Leica.  It would be a huge coup for them.
There must be a way...

- --Jim

Peter Klein wrote:
> Of course, there's the question of whether rangefinder users are a big
> enough market to warrant any camera company making such a camera.   I have
> a feeling that if anyone does it, it will be a company with deeper R&D
> pockets than Leica.  We may see a digital Hexar RF, not an M.

- --
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