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Subject: Re: [Leica] Bulk loading (long!)
From: Rei Shinozuka <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 16:19:08 -0400
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what i usually do it to punch a hole in the end of the film, trim off
the edges, put it on the spool, put the case on.  then, inside
the harrisson tent, i extend the film long enough to put the canister
in its slot and ensure the teeth on the counter engage the film holes.
i then close it up and take it out of the film tent.  so the last picture
is always safe.

- -rei

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> > Some people don't light daylight bulk loaders and say that you should  
> > bulk load in total darkness.  The reason for this is that the bit of  
> > film that you (in daylight) tape to the film cassette core is going to  
> > be damaged by daylight.  They argue that the last frame/frames of any  
> > roll is going to be damaged by daylight and therefore that you always  
> > have to reshoot the last frame on any roll -- or risk loosing an award  
> > winning picture.
> > 
> > In practice, I find that this is not a problem.  First off, I rarely  
> > shoot award-winning pictures at the end of rolls (actually, I rarely  
> > shoot award-winning pictures, period).  Secondly, if done right, the  
> > amount of film which is damaged by daylight during bulk loading will  
> > never see the film gate -- because the distance between the cassette  
> > core and the film gate in a camera -- and thus will never be a issue in  
> > any case.
> > 
> > Finally, if you're totally paranoid about this, it's simply overcome by  
> > loading a few extra frames on your rolls (say 38-40 frames) but to stop  
> > shooting when your frame counter shows 36.  That way, you're guaranteed  
> > that the last frame to see the film gate in the camera has been kept in  
> > total darkness all the time.

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Rei Shinozuka
Ridgewood, New Jersey

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