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Subject: RE: [Leica] HCB Did It All First
From: Tim Atherton <>
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 19:00:33 -0600

> There are maybe 10 GREAT gem photographers in the world. Well, 11, I count
> Harold and Erica Van Pelt as one. I'm a regular source of work
> for Fred Ward
> now.

Don't I know it! The PR guy from one of the diamond mines called me in a
panic the other day - we need you to photograph a rough diamond tomorrow
morning so we can use it on the cover of the book about building the mine
(as featured on the PBS programme "Frontiers of Construction..." and you'll
have to use print film (yeeuk) as we need it that day.

So I see what they have - a fuzzy blown up picture of a rough diamond. Off
we go to the sorting plant - don't get strip searched this time - locked in
a little room with florescent lights, and I'm limited to my SB 26's...
Thanks to Fred and his patented "plastic milk jug gem diffuser" - security
woman looking worried when I pull out a sawed of milk jug and the diamonds
disappear underneath... I get the shot - process and scan. And it looks good
on the cover.

Photographing diamonds is darned hard, I can tell you - I much prefer
photographing the people cutting them!


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