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Subject: Re: [Leica] Giving the Leicas a floggin'
From: Martin Howard <>
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 20:06:41 -0700

Chandos Michael Brown wrote:

> But: I view this particular series as the most unmitigated kitsch,
> warmed over Maxfield Parrish, cloying self-conscious, simply too
> precious for words.  My suspicion is that his client chose the dress (a
> testament to her dubious taste, not his).  I was mildly embarrassed to
> view the series.  It's simply, too, too, well, artificially 
> sentimental,
> but utterly without soul.  I'm compelled to wonder about the 
> sensibility
> of a woman who would imagine this is an appropriate or attractive
> depiction of her relationship with her child--as a prop in a vanity
> portfolio.

Way cool!  An honest opinion!  A controversial one at that!  ;)

It's funny how different people see the same thing differently.  I saw 
them as an exercise in clichés, the Christian religious art of the 
15th/16th century.  The light from the heavens, the muted pastel tonal 
scale, the flowing fabric, the cherub-like child, all reminded me of 
the religious iconography that takes up a major portion of the Swedish 
art collections that I've seen.

As a result -- because these were just shots of a mother and her baby 
- -- I thought they were hilariously funny!


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