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Subject: RE: [Leica] Digilux angst
From: "WOC" <>
Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 19:10:04 -0500

I have had digitals since the 1st 'Leica' and started using the Microtech
dual reader/writer early on to save batteries, plus to speed up the download
process. It takes both Compact Flash and Smart Media. I have never had a
problem with my cards using the reader, while on occasion my Leica as well
as my 1st Olympus (2500L) would sometimes freeze the machine and require a
reboot.  I now use on a regular basis a Fuji S2, Olympus E10, Olympus 5050,
and Canon Elph.  The cards range from 32mb to 1gb. All but the Canon use the
Smart Media cards as well as Compact Flash while the Canon only uses Compact
Flash.  Throw a Compaq 'Palm' into the mix which uses Compact Flash and my
laptop which takes both via the PCMCIA adaptor.  I interchange all of them
at will.  I do end up with 3 folders on the cards and the various cameras
figure out a)if they need/want to add a folder, and b)how to put the
pictures in the proper folders.  When I stick the card in the reader, I just
have to remember which camera it came from so I know which folder to open.
I have never ever reformatted a card, in or out of the camera.  Of course,
having stated this, I will probably have massive problems the next time I
use one :->  Guess my point is, perhaps investing in a reader and using it
as another hard drive will make the computer happier and cause less grief.
I noticed in today's Comp USA flyer that with rebates the Dazzle 4 in one
reader is 20.00, 50 - 10 instant, - 20 mail in.  I bring this up because I
have one of those at work and it does a fine job, and the price is right.
If you do not have a Comp USA near you, check the web site, it might be
available on line as well.
They also have a 120 gig hard drive for 80 and a 250 compact flash for 50,
both after rebates for those needing some storage.


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