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Subject: RE: [Leica] Stranger #29
From: "Beddoe, Neil" <>
Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 08:26:46 -0000


You are quietly amassing a valuable record of a disappearing England.

Have you contacted that picture library yet?


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Subject: [Leica] Stranger #29

The Brits have a thing about garden sheds. They house model railways,
observatories, radio ham equipment, darkrooms and just about anything else
you can think of.  Sheds are also quiet backwaters that provide peace and
quiet and a place to unwind. I have no first hand knowledge of this but it
is well documented. The BBC has even made programmes on the Great British
Shed. It may be a world wide phenomenon, if it isn't then only the Brits
will understand its' importance to some of the population.

Some sheds are very plain affairs but others are quite ornate, grandiose
even. I saw this one over a garden fence whilst out walking along the canal
towpath. I thought it would make a colour shot with the owner as a
'stranger' but as usual I wimped out and carried on walking without asking
the owner, who was working nearby,  if I could take a photograph.

Two hundred yards later I decided to go back and ask if I could take a
photograph but the owner had gone, so after hanging around for a few minutes
waiting for him to return and getting twitchy I settled for a colour shot of
the shed. I had to lean over the fence slightly to get the fence out of the
shot and because the shed was quite close I took the 35mm Summicron from the
M6(b&w) and put it on the M2(colour). Took a couple of shots and the owner
returned so I asked if I could take his photograph. He agreed. I took the
shot. I resumed my walk.  I had, as ever, been jumpy as hell photographing a
stranger so that was probably why I had taken his photograph, in colour,
with a red filter on the lens from a previous shot. I went back and got

I think it was worth it but then only I know the pain of getting it. Maybe I
should write a book 'How to take photographs whilst having a panic attack'

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- --Graham

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