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Subject: Re: [Leica] Nathan's PAW 9: Anticipation
From: "Greg J. Lorenzo" <>
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2003 23:16:05 -0700
References: <>

Well Nathan, you can now kiss that new Leica (fill in the blank) you've 
been wanting good-bye for a couple of years. My youngest daughter has 
the "American Girl" fetish too and there kind of expensive. I had to 
haul an entire suitcase back full of the stuff from Phoenix last November.

I like to hide the latest catalogue for a few days when it arrives!



Nathan Wajsman (private) wrote:

> I know I used my daughter as a PAW subject only 2 weeks ago, but she 
> just keeps providing me with material...
> First a bit of background: she had been begging for a doll from a U.S. 
> company called American Girl or something like that. I called the 
> company to order, only to be told that they could not ship to 
> Switzerland because their dolls "did not meet European standards." I 
> thought of inquiring what possible poisons the dolls contain which 
> were acceptable for American but not European children, but instead I 
> had the company ship the doll-and-book set to my family in Florida, 
> who in turn sent it on to us. All this made the wait longer for 
> Monica, and her first words for 2 weeks upon coming home from school 
> were, "Did it arrive?" Well, one day it finally did arrive, and I was 
> ready with my R8  when she walked into the house and saw the package. 
> These are the resulting pictures. All were taken with Leica R8, 
> 4/35-70mm Vario Elmar, Metz flash, on Kodachrome 25 (that is the 
> standard film in my R8).
> Here, Monica has just realized what this box is, and is trying to 
> figure out how to open it:
> Big brother comes to help:
> Finally, the box is breached and Monica starts to extract the contents:
> The doll is carefully examined...
> ...and pronounced satisfactory, apparently. This is the main picture:
> The complete PAW index is at:
> and comments/critique are always welcome and appreciated.
> Nathan

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