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Subject: [Leica] This is a leica forum, not some weird freak show!
From: Don Lawrence <>
Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2003 15:13:58 -0600

It's obvious that only dedicated Barbie aficionados wear that hat during
photographic outings.
Most Leica users over the age of XX admit to using Brand T while underagers
wear whatever they can get their paws on.

Now where can I get one of those cameras?

  >>This is the LEICA Forum. I think you are in the wrong place. Let your
>>student use the 
>>ulyimate manual camera.

>I second the motion.

>Could someone please advise me on the proper hat to wear while using my

>The PLUG had been recommending this one:


>But that was before the Hermes buyout.....



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