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Subject: [Leica] FS - a few R4's and a macro
From: "langhans" <>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2003 05:13:16 -0800
References: <>

For sale.

Want to sell my R4 bodies and my old macro so I can get another R8 body.
Can send photos of the below if needed.

Leica R4 - Serial 1584xxx.  Comes with hard plastic display case.
 Cosmetics - good.  Only real brassing is along the edges of the back where
the hindge is and on the other side.  Like it has been in and out of a case
many times.  Other than that just superficial marks on the baseplate.  I got
this body as a bonus when I bought a lens and was planning on selling it,
but it had a shutter problem.  I just spent $250 on CLA and replacement of
internal electrical contacts.  It works great but the shutter has a lag of
about twice what it is suppose to be.  It is noticibly longer than my other
R4.  The repair person took it back and replace the whole mirror assembly.
The lag is still there, but better.  Metering, shutter timing, all functions
working perfectly.  Except for the lag, it is probably better than the R4 I
have always used since it has undergone a thorough workover in the shop.
Would like to get my repair bill back on this one, so selling for $250 plus
shipping.  Not good if you shoot action, but for everything else is great.

Leicr R4 - Serial   1627xxx.  I have used this R4 for 2 1/2 years.  It was
my first Leica and my only Leica until I got my R8 a year ago.  Cosmetics -
I would say excellent.  Other than a few light scuffs on the baseplate, it
looks new.  Works like a champ.  Has never let me down.  Metering is
perfect, and I shoot mostly slides.  Never tested the programmed mode,
however.  Asking $450 plus shipping for this gem.

If you buy the above camera, I'll sell you the leather everyready case for
R4-6. This is the longer version that accepts 90mm lenses.  It is in very
good shape.  Not new, as the leather has some scuff marks.  Better on the
case than the camera.  All stitching, snaps, etc. are intact.  $50 and no
shipping, as the camera will cover the shipping.

100/4 Macro Elmar-R. Serial 2973xxx Looking at it right now and I see only
one sign of wear. Thee is a slight ding/paint loss abut 1mm in length by the
2.5 foot mark on the focusing ring.  It was there when I bought the lens
from LUG member Ernie Nitka a year ago.  I have a 100 APO now, so I don't
need two macros.  To be honest, so far I have not seen a huge difference
between images taken with the apo and this lens in side-by-side shots.  This
lens takes outstanding photos.  The apo does focus closer, w/o any
accessories.  Ernie made me a deal of $420 then, so I'll pass it along at
$420 + shipping.


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Aram Langhans
Science Teacher, Naches High School
101 W. 5th. St / P. O. Box 159
Naches, WA 98937

"Science Rules"

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