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Subject: Re: [Leica] M[67] ramblings LONG
From: "John O. Newell" <>
Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 20:14:49 -0500
References: <> <p05100301ba7938e781a7@[]>

> Back home I checked the
> batteries with a volt meter end they were OK. Does somebody (who has
> read this far) know if lithium batteries do not like cold weather.

Lithium batteries do better in cold than silver oxide or
alkaline.  They do about the same as metal hydride, but you
aren't going to find NiMH button cells to fit your M7, I
think!  What may have happened is that the batteries'
voltage dropped below what the M7 circuits require when they
were cold; when re-warmed, the voltage popped back up.  

Not directly on point but last weekend when it was below 0
degrees F here I left a Nikon FM2 outside just for grins. 
Worked perfectly, electronically and mechanically.  I, on
the other hand... ;-)  (This isn't intended as a comparison
to other cameras, just a recent cold weather anecdote.)

I liked your explanation of the benefits of aperture
priority -- in part because it mirrors my experiences and
conclusions as well!  I do still have an M3, R6 and the

John Newell

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