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Subject: RE: [Leica] LUG manners - Crackers?
From: Adam Bridge <>
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 16:06:35 -0800

On 2/16/03 Austin Franklin  wrote:

>Where did you go to school, and how old are you now?  I'm 44, and I went to
>OLV for 7/8th grades, which was just at that time.  My dad worked at Ingals,
>and we lived literally right next to the Longfellow House.

Ah the Longfellow House - great memories. I used to ride my bike past it on the
way to the ship yard from Blue Lake Manor as part of my physical fitness regime.

I'm 53 and my time at Pascagoula was spent on the new construction crew of USS
PARCHE SSN 683. I vividly remember it because they took off as a holiday
Jefferson Davis' birthday and worked on the 4th of July. In spite I think.

During that time a couple of fishermen from the shipyard claimed to have seen a
UFO while out on the Pascagoula River. If they did I'm certain that the aliens
departed with the certain knowledge that there was no intelligent life on the
planet. The local Mobile TV station then sent out a camera/film crew (I don't
remember which) to cover the crowds that came in case the UFO returned.

No dice.

Somewhere - a long way out on the mud flats covered by water and now probably a
rust pile - sits an ancient jeep where one of my shipmates abandoned it, having
driven out on the flats during a very low minus tide with a north wind - which
then shifted and blew in from the south as the tide began to rise. He barely
made it to shore and his jeep was forever trapped.

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