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Subject: RE: [Leica] How can a Leica not come from an "authorized Leicadealer"?
From: "Wesson, Leo W" <>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 22:22:54 -0600

My homeowners rider for camera equipment will not cover cameras used to produce income. 
Those of you who use your cameras to make money should double check with your insurance company,  you might not have the coverage that you think you have.


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> Subject: 	Re: [Leica] How can a Leica not come from an "authorized Leicadealer"?
> On 2/10/03 1:11 PM, "bdcolen" <> wrote:
> > The passport is one hell of a deal, an, unlike virtually everything else
> > Leica makes, well worth the extra you pay for it. :-)
> B.D.,
> Call your insurance carrier. Passport protection is far from being "one hell
> of a deal." As I posted here the other day, Passport adds about $350.00 to
> the price of an M7 (or about $116.00 per year). Anyone with an existing
> homeowners insurance policy should be able to get an all-risk rider with no
> deductible for far less than that. My rider costs about $10.00 per year per
> $1,000.00 covered (or about $22.00 per year for an M7). By buying without
> Passport and simply adding an M7 to my existing rider I would save $284.00
> over the duration of the 3 year Passport.
> Most standard homeowners polices put a low cap on camera equipment and
> require a rider to get into the value of Leicas. Aside from the price,
> Passport leaves you woefully under covered in that it does not cover fire,
> theft or any incident in which the remains of the camera cannot be recovered
> and returned (just a guess, but I would think that theft is by far the
> greatest loss of Leicas). Aside from theft, drop your camera into the ocean
> or off a cliff and you're out of luck with Passport. This is not the case
> with an all-risk insurance rider. If any piece of my camera equipment is
> stolen or otherwise lost or damaged, I fax a claim form to my insurance
> carrier and they send me a check. The one time I made a claim under my
> camera rider (for a camera that was damaged), I had a full check from my
> insurance company in less than five business days. I've also found that the
> inventory my insurance company sends me annually with my bill works great in
> place of a carnet when passing through customs - proof of what I had when I
> left the country.
> In short, if you rely on Passport protection alone, you are substantially
> under covered . If you take out a homeowners rider, you have better coverage
> and the Passport protection plan becomes redundant - so why pay for it?
> Of course, if you are a "professional" photographer, your insurance rates
> will differ a great deal. Then, the Passport might be worth the extra
> expense.
> Also, please note that I am NOT a fan of insurance companies - nor am I
> connected with one in any way other than paying for coverage I seldom use.
> Bryan
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