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Subject: Re: Re: [Leica] Leica P&S questions
From: Frank Farmer <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 12:35:23 -0600 (CST)


I think the Yashica T4 would be a great choice and is cheaper than the Leica(no, don't shoot! ;-)).  The original one is discontinued but there is a newer one that is priced within your budget +/- $199.00 US.  I don't know much about it but it does offer the Zeiss lens agian and remote shutter release.  The newer Leica point and shoots have received pretty good press on the LUG but again, I don't have any experience with any of them, I've just been looking aroung a bit myself.  Just my $.02.


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From: Rolfe Tessem <>
Sent: 01/24/03 03:45 PM
Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica P&S questions

> Andre E. Purdy wrote:
> I'm in need of a P&S camera for an upcoming trip to Paris.  My
> requirements are as follows:
> Reasonably compact and rugged
> Affordable <$350
> Night/low light capable
> -fast lens (zoom or fixed)
> -fairly long shutter times (T or B mode)
> -remote shutter release
> Competent AF/AE for snapshots
> As of right now I'm leaning towards:
> -Leica Z2X
> -Remote shutter release
> -Slik U2000 tripod
> I'm sure a Leica Minilux would be perfect but unfortunately I'm also on
> a pretty tight budget (gotta save some money for the actual trip).
> My question is this can I do better in the sub $350 range?  What about
> skimping on a used Leica Mini or Mini Zoom (couldn't find any specs on
> these)?  Where can I find used Leicas (either on the web or in lower
> Michigan)?
> I haven't owned a camera since Junior High School and I could use all
> the help I can get.

I'm sure you'll get a million opinions on this, but I would look at the 
Ricoh GR-1, which has a fast 28mm fixed lens and is very small. On the 
used side, a Contax T2 or T3 would do the trick, but I think even a used 
T3 is probably more than $350.00. Both have fast 35mm Zeiss lenses.

Unfortunately, I don't think Leica's offerings in this category are very 
competitive. There is nothing wrong with the Minilux's lens, but its 
size makes it look pretty dated next to say, the Contax T3.

In the even cheaper P&S market, the Yashica T4 (now discontinued, but 
you can still find some new if you look hard) or the Olympus Stylus 
Epic, both with fixed 35mm lenses have their fans.

Personally, I would stay away from zoom-anything.

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Rolfe Tessem
New York City

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