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Subject: Re: [Leica] Leica P&S questions
From: Alastair Firkin <>
Date: Sat, 25 Jan 2003 08:46:31 +1100
References: <>

>I'm in need of a P&S camera for an upcoming trip to Paris.  My
>requirements are as follows:
>Reasonably compact and rugged
>Affordable <$350
>Night/low light capable
>-fast lens (zoom or fixed)
>-fairly long shutter times (T or B mode)
>-remote shutter release
>Competent AF/AE for snapshots
>As of right now I'm leaning towards:
>-Leica Z2X
>-Remote shutter release
>-Slik U2000 tripod
>I'm sure a Leica Minilux would be perfect but unfortunately I'm also on
>a pretty tight budget (gotta save some money for the actual trip).
>My question is this can I do better in the sub $350 range?  What about
>skimping on a used Leica Mini or Mini Zoom (couldn't find any specs on
>these)?  Where can I find used Leicas (either on the web or in lower
>I haven't owned a camera since Junior High School and I could use all
>the help I can get.

G'day Andre,

I have a Z2X which I have used for 4 or 5 years, and in general, I am 
delighted with it. Its images are razor sharp, and as good as those 
from the Rollei QZT, but it does have a couple of minor quirks -- at 
least in my hands.

For some reason, it does not handle focus/exposure as well in the 
vertical format: I've learnt to focus and hold the setting in 
horizonal, swing around to vertical and shoot. I can see no reason 
for this, and perhaps it only happens downunder in Australia, but it 
does "seem" to be the case.

It is very light, and you must hold it firmly. The flash is fine, but 
there is not option for off the camera flash or hotshoe. One thing 
I'm happy with is that the flash exposures are more to my likeing: ie 
a little less exposure than many P&S cameras. It is a bit heavy on 
batteries, but remember I'm used to the M6 and Rollei TLR's, so any 
battery seems expensive and short lived to me ;-) Its probably no 
worse than other P&S's, though I don't change them as often in the 
Rollei, I don't use the Rollei nearly as much

My wife carries it EVERYWHERE in a small Lowe case. I'm not saying 
other cameras are not as good or better, but I've been very happy 
with the Z2X
- -- 
Alastair Firkin

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