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Subject: Re: [Leica] Traveling by air with RapidWinder?
From: Nick Roberts <>
Date: Mon, 20 Jan 2003 14:42:24 -0800 (PST)

Yes, the thought that it might be monitored had
occurred to me - which means that the cat's out of the
bag, and there's no longer anything to lose by asking.
As the general opinion appears to be that it IS a
potential weapon, then if I was flying (and I've taken
300+ flights over the last 3 years - not bad for
someone who isn't a drug courier - I wouldn't want a
mad LUGer on board with one. ;)
Seriously, it looks like there are three choices: (a)
check it in; (b) leave it behind; and (c) run the risk
of losing it, being banged up for several hours and
having a body cavity inspection. 
Lastly, our main family holiday last year was to New
England. On flying back through Logan, the hand
baggage scan picked up a pair of scissors in a first
aid kit in my wife's baggage. Much to my horror, they
allowed us on with them. I simply can't begin to
imagine that that would've happened at any of the
European airports I use regularly, but was absolutely
stunned that it could happen there, of all places.


- --- Ted Grant <> wrote:
> Nick asked:
> > >... And isn't it possible to check in writing
> with
> > > whatever is the appropriate authority now in the
> US
> > > what the status of the RapidWinder is?<<<<
> No, No, No! Look, if you ask...."Can I take pictures
> here?"  No matter where
> the location is, you bring attention to yourself and
> generally you'll
> receive a negative response. Obviously not always
> but a damn high percentage
> of the time it's "No!"
> By asking these new all powerful security people
> anything or showing them
> what the RapidWinder advance lever looks like you
> will  have doomed it to
> some where other than your camera base! You'll end
> up packing it in checked
> baggage and if you should forget it's on the
> camera.... "It's history if you
> do not have time to return to your check-in counter
> and have the airline
> ship to your home port or destination."  In either
> case the chances are
> you'll never see it again! The thing would be to
> always pack it in checked
> luggage and with the new system of all unlocked
> cases due to the new x-rayin
> guess how much gear is going to disappear! :-(
> And  for heaven sake don't you realize that anything
> we are discussing about
> flying is being monitored by this new agency!
> And if you don't think so, think again!
> ted
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