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Subject: Re: [Leica] Lots of Off Camera TTL Flash Questions
From: "Greg J. Lorenzo" <>
Date: Sun, 05 Jan 2003 14:13:50 -0700
References: <>

Hi John,

A Nikon Australia sourced Website I looked at claimed that only "certain 
Nikon TTL Speedlights" would work properly as slave flashes with the 
SU-4 cable. No Metz with Nikon Module or other flashes built for Nikon. 
This doesn't pass the smell test (drink the koolaide, use only Nikon)! 
When asked by someone else if the SU-4 would work with Non Nikon ttl 
cameras (like Leica or Canon) they responded that they knew nothing of 
other camera makers technology and that the SU-4 might damage the flash.

I'll email you when I get this set-up working, you'll be welcome to 
borrow it for a while (if you ever can escape all that ice and snow in 
the GWN). 10+ degrees Celsius here today 15+ expected tomorrow.

I think I will get it working for the R8 first, then look at getting a 
working set-up for the R6.2 and R7.



John Collier wrote:

> I am looking at it as well but I have not decided if I shoot enough 
> flash to justify getting one and a Nikon flash. It is a neat addition 
> to one's TTL flash capabilities. You can use ANY camera/TTL flash 
> combination to control the SU-4. It douses its flash when the main 
> flash shuts down. The SU-4 can only be used with a Nikon compatible 
> TTL flash so you cannot mount a SF-20 to it. Nikon's TTL flashes (see 
> the article below for a list of flashes) and Metz with a Nikon TTL 
> adapter will work.
> John Collier
> On Sunday, January 5, 2003, at 12:41 PM, Greg J. Lorenzo wrote:
>> I would like to acquire a second and possibly third TTL flash for use 
>> with my R8 and/or R6.2. After doing some research of the LUG archives 
>> want I think I require is a Nikon SU-4 Wireless Slave Controller, a 
>> second Metz Flash with a Nikon Metz SCA 3402 Module to act as a TTL 
>> Slave.
>> Can someone who's actually tried this confirm that the Metz TTL Flash 
>> when mounted on the SU-4 with the Nikon Metz SCA 3402 Module will 
>> respond in TTL concert with the R8 with a Metz Flash with a Metz 3501 
>> SCA Module mounted as the Master on the camera and the resultant 
>> exposures turnout correctly? With ROM lenses on the R8 will all of 
>> the Flashes pick-up the aperture, focal lenght and film speed correctly?
>> Additionally, does someone know if I can use a similar set-up with my 
>> R6.2 camera, using all of the above equipment, except for replacing 
>> the Metz 3000 Series Modules with the correct Leica (SCA 351) and 
>> Nikon (SCA 343?) Metz Modules?
>> I also have the Leica SF-20 Flash. Can this unit be used as a Master 
>> Flash unit with the R8 and/or my M6ttl camera and a Slave Flash on 
>> the SU-4? Will a Nikon TTL Speedlight Flash work without a Metz 
>> Module on the SU-4?
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