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Subject: [Leica] For Sale--One Last Time
From: Jim Shulman <>
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 2003 17:35:48 -0500

Tried this for two or three weeks.  A few of you have come back with a
question or two, but no bites.

Make a reasonable offer for this stuff.  I'd rather sell it here than
THERE, which is the next stop on the train.

Happy whatever!

Retina Roundup:  Complete collection of lenses for Kodak Retina Reflex
Cameras S, III, and IV.  Also work with the IIIS rangefinder camera.
Lenses are 28, 35, 50 2.8 and 1.9, 85, 135 and 200.  Includes good
(though needing CLA) condition IIIS camera body.  All are Schneider
optics, produce wonderful images.  Will include one busted Reflex S body
for your amusement (I've been told that broken Retina Reflex body is
redundant!)  Make an offer that won't make Kris lose his Kringle.

Rollei TLR:  TLR with Tessar 3.5 lens, 1950s large-knob model.  CLA two
years ago at Camera Wiz.  Lenses in nice shape, with original caps.
Crack in finder screen.  Perhaps it matches the one on your behind?
Make an offer befitting a great bargain: that's TWO lenses for the price
of one!   

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Jim Shulman
Bryn Mawr, PA

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