Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 2002/12/19

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Subject: Re. [Leica] Visit to the Mecca of fashion
From: Carl Pultz <>
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 10:11:16 -0500


What a great time you had! And a great place for watching people. Around 
here, if you find that many people on the street, it must be a fire drill. 
My favorites are:

Looks like they are being attacked by some horrible little three legged 
creature about to vomit a death ray. Fantastic.

Could be seen a couple ways. He is isolated from the crowd - in fact almost 
looks like his image is superimposed on the background. His expression 
could be destain, worry or lost in thoughts a world away.

This is a nice contrast between different stages of sight seeing - come see 
this vs. give me break. Just misses graphic Nirvana by the intersection of 
the feet with the heads. That's a neat coincidence, but for me it would 
have been better if there was space between the bottom plane of the picture 
and the top. You are not seven feet tall? Well, hold that camera above your 
head, then. Don't have to be looking through it all the time.

Anyway, thanks for sharing those fun photos.

Best wishes,


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