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Subject: Re: [Leica] Time-line: focal length in centimeters versus millimeters on projection lenses, Epidiaskop IIIs
From: "Willem-Jan Markerink" <>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 03:25:19 +0100

On 3 Dec 2002 at 20:31, Jim Hemenway wrote:

> Willem-Jan:
> You've got me beat... you win the kudos for having perhaps the largest
> photographic item on the LUG.
> Now that printing companies are going digital, computer to plate, they
> don't need process lenses or light tables any longer.
> So, having wanted such a device ever since I took up LF shooting to
> view/compare slides from 35mm to 11x14 inches, I bought one "cheap"
> through eb*y from a printing company about 40 miles from my home here
> in Massachusetts.
> If you care to look it's Item # 1791095985 

Ah yes; I have something similar, but like a drawing-table, 
adjustable in pitch(tilt?) and height (2 pivots, with counter-
balancing spring).
My first ever photographic logistical/handling-nightmare....8-))
(had to unbolt the entire light-panel (with fragile glass plate) from 
the table) 

> 116cm wide, 96cm deep and 90cm tall - approx.
> I went to get it with my small pickup truck and I knew that I that I
> was in a little bit of a "fix" when the seller used a fork lift to
> load the table into my truck.  When I arrived home I found that my son
> (21) and I could not lift it.  So I disassembled it in the truck and
> we carried all of the pieces into the house for re-assembly.
> Big, but I can view/compare four 11x14s, some 8x10s and strips of 6x6
> and 35mm simultaneously.

You can do better & larger with panoramic strip....;))
(Noblex once mentioned a prototype 120/220 continuous-strip 
projection device, in combination with their 4x5" Noblux 
projector....never more than a prototype, and even more sadly they 
now even seem to have stopped production of the Noblux 
altogether....they were not even present on the PhotoKina 2002 at 
all! (anyone with more info about that?))

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Willem-Jan Markerink

      The desire to understand 
is sometimes far less intelligent than
     the inability to understand

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