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Subject: RE: [Leica] Swimming!
From: "bdcolen" <>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 16:33:26 -0500

Hey, Will, why the concern. I believe Dan wrote..."Swim meets like these
are pretty boring," and noted that he considers his photos to be cliché
ridden, and asks for advice on how to avoid that...A lecture on how Mom
and Dad will love the photo doesn't tell him how to make the photo

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Subject: Re: [Leica] Swimming!

Dan (DRB) writes:
| I have a few pics to show -- comments and suggestions
| I'm especially interested in how other photographers might
cover this event.
| Swim meets are pretty boring - you get cliche pictures
(like these) and they
| all end up looking the same.  The crowd was non-existant,
the coaches
| lukewarm, and the other swimmers preoccupied with work (it
is, after all,
| MIT).  Without the benefit of an Ikelite housing, how
would you spice up the
| assignment?

You mention you were on assignment.  From whom?  I am little bit
concerned about your attitude in approaching the event. Swim meets are
not boring to the competitors.  Cliché pictures are because swimming is
pretty much a ritualized event - same take off  - same strokes -
efficiency of the process and strength determines the winner.  The only
real thing you can do is experiment with pixes from different angles.

But my main concern is that when I was in J-school (many
year ago) - they pounded into our heads that "names make
news."   Names meant the names of local folks.  Pixes were
pixes of local folks.  The local and small regional
newspapers that survive today make good use of that motto. Several
photographers from a regional newspaper thought they were grossly
underpaid and under appreciated.  They quit the newspaper and set up a
business to take pixes of local (high school and college) games.  They
are currently making a good living selling these pixes to the parents of
the participants.  When I worked for the L.A. Times, they were delighted
to give folks an 8x10 of their pix which had been published in the

The point is that while this type of pix might not win you a big award,
they are very important to the competitors. Plus, if you really want to
have fun, start interviewing the competitors and taking pixes.  (The
other thing that was banged into my head in J-school was that everybody
has a story - it is the presentation that makes it interesting).

Regards, Will Larsen

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