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Subject: Re: [Leica] 1st Wedding assignment --- should I ?
From: Henry Ting <>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 01:29:57 -0800 (PST)

Great advice Ted !!!!!
While I quietly want to undertake the challenge, but
your straight talk really wise me up. 
Perhaps I should try to delegate myself as a backup
photographer.....even that thought cause a lump in my

- --- Ted Grant <> wrote:
> Henry Ting wondered:
> > A good friend's son is getting married and he
> > requested me to be the photographer.<<<
> Henry quickly leave the country, defect, go
> anywhere, escape while you
> can!!! If not you may regret it for the rest of your
> life! :-) You could
> also loose the friendship of a good friend! :-(
> > I'm not a pro and quite frankly taking pictures of
> > these "once-in-a-lifetime" event comes with a lot
> of
> > responsibility. While it certainly would be a
> > challenge, but the thought of screwing it up is
> beyond
> > comprehension.<<<<
> Henry you are asking all the wrong things... leave
> now!  Death is easier
> than getting a wedding assignment like this! And if
> you don't need the money
> hire somebody to shoot it that's done them before
> and you just shoot happy
> snaps without the responsibility of all the
> important stuff. :-)
> > How do you guys prep yourself for the very 1st
> wedding
> > assignment, both mentally and emotionally.<<<<
> I didn't know any better or I'd have drank a bottle
> of single malt scotch as
> fast as I could! ;-) Quite frankly I've been
> mentally and emotionally
> disturbed ever since the first one. That's why I
> keep throwing myself into
> harms way type assignments, like wars and reckless
> things as sky diving with
> camera in hand in case my last pictures could be my
> best.:-)
> > By the way, such an assignment dictates that flash
> > will be needed on some occasions, how do you
> guys/gals
> > handle the big difference between the bride's
> "white
> > gown" and the groom's "black tux".\?<<<<<
> Oh mother of  whom-ever.... hire someone experienced
> to shoot it if you are
> asking questions like this, plead insanity,
> anything, maybe you just caught
> the black plague of Europe, the measles, anything
> contagious as they wont
> want you to be there. :-)
> Or you could just take the bullet in your teeth, do
> it and get over one of
> the worst type of mentally disturbing photo
> assignments you can do. :-) You
> are going to worry yourself sick and have a horrible
> day of worry and
> concern, god you'll be miserable until you se the
> finished film and prints.
> And nothing is as bad as waiting and worrying after
> shooting a "first time
> ever" wedding of a friend's son!
> Damn go into hiding right away! :-)
> ted
> PS: the worst part of this post is.... I'm serious! 
> :-(
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