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Subject: [Leica] 135mm quest long response
From: "Don Dory" <>
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 21:52:37 -0500

Like all things Leica, the newest is the best and most expensive.  From the
banter money is an issue.  So, if you can see feel and touch the
merchandise, the cheapest really good lens would be a late model Russian
Zeiss clone.  As the construction quality is so variable you probably should
lay hands on one.

Well, you are determined to buy online.  The next best for the least would
be either of the Nikon or Canon 135 3.5.  Since both of these are Zeiss
inspired designs you are looking at a very similar image quality.  As screw
mounts both will set the infinity line somewhere off center to the left as
you are holding the camera.  I currently have the Nikon and it is indeed a
very nice lens.  I have many Canon's and they also perform very well so I
think whichever you find at the best price.  In the US these have been a
drug on the market so negotiate way down.  Whatever the asking price talk it
down, there are always more in the wings.

Only the very early Canon lenses had any problems mounting on a LTM.

Next up comes the Leica glass.  The Hektor is often available cheap but
usually is in dire need of cleaning which negates its price.  Erwin states
that the 60's Tele-Elmar in some but not all ways exceeds the Zeiss design
from the 30's so now you know why I put the Zeiss designs at the top.  So,
if you stumble upon a 135 Tele-Elmar at your price point that would be a
good choice.

The last 135 F2.8 is frequently unloved so it is also sometimes findable
really cheap.  You would have to determine if the goggles work for you.

My last choice would be the Culminars which deliver a good picture quality
especially if you shoot at 5.6 or smaller.

In all cases you will be happier with a 135 if you use an M3, a 0.85 finder,
or the 1.25X magnifier.


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