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Subject: Re: [Leica] Looking for a car accessory
From: "Robert G. Stevens" <>
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 2002 18:34:37 -0400


I have a Yukon and for the M, I just put it lens down into a padded cup 
holder.  Fits fine, even the Noctilux.  As for the R,  I carry it in a 
LowePro ProTrecker in the back of the truck.  I just open the back hatch 
and work out of the bag right there.

If you do not have the cup holder over the transmission hump, generic 
consoles can be had at most automotive stores.  These consoles have cup 
holders and areas for storage.

Everything on the page below, with the exception of the three sailboats, 
was taken from a tripod and not more than fifty feet from where the truck 
was stopped.  Most were probably not more than ten feet.



At 12:06 PM 11/16/2002 -0800, Adam Bridge wrote:
>The more I work out of my truck the more I'd like to have something that 
>fits on
>top of the transmision hump that would hold my cameras so they are ready to
>Does anyone know of anything like this? I suppose I could build, 
>not an option (images of sliced off fingers, punctured tires, wild-eyed man
>being carried away in an I-love-me-jacket).
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