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Subject: Re: [Leica] One Day in School
From: Rob Heyman <>
Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 17:16:00 +1000
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Frank Filippone wrote:

> Great shooting.... a welcome relief from the normal school pictures...  The
> kids certainly were comfortable with your presence

Many of them knew me as a parent and as "the school photographer" or "It's only
Mitchell's dad". Bloody B.D. Colen picked it though. I had another look at them
when he pointed out that some were "hamming it up for me". As usual, he's right,
but don't tell him that.

> ....Did you learn much
> about using the lens?

Yes, I learned what distortion is.

> I imagine the educational system there works a bit different then in the
> US....  the kids are sent to a ( open to the public ) boarding school as the
> norm?  Is this because of the extent of the farms ( stations) you have in
> Australia that have limited educational capability?  Or is this what I would
> call a private boarding school as an alternative to normal local schooling in
> the neighborhood?

Yes , it is an alternative. The school is a private school in Brisbane but not
all the kids are boarders. We sent our kids there because we were of the opinion
that they would get a better education and a better start in life. There are
many boarding students from all over Asia and Oceania as well as some Europeans.
Many of the students are also from outlying areas but the majority are local
Brisbane kids who are just day students . We live about ten minutes from there
and drive our kids in and pick them up each day. Any sane person would put them
on a bus.

> A comment about Girls Dorm 4.........  I am not sure at all what the things
> are called holding up the girls' unmentionables, but here in the US, there
> is/was a company making the same product for drying film in the
> darkroom..... I have one and they work beautifully......
> Frank Filippone
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