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Subject: RE: [Leica] re: how easy/expensive is digital
From: Adam Bridge <>
Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 19:37:24 -0700

On 9/30/02 Austin Franklin  wrote:

>> i hate the process between
>> pushing the shutter and seeing the result. and i hate the darkroom. and i
>> hate developing film. and i hate spending money to have someone
>> else develop
>> it.
>Well, for $17, for 72 prints that make the in-laws happy, it's cheap.
>We are talking about two different uses.  I am comparing, what I consider,
>comparable use...of course, when I shoot something for "art", it's developed
>by me, and printed by me...and I print very few...but the ones I print are
>spectacular, and they have a different audience.

I think Kyle was addressing the typical uses of the LUG. I think most of the
conversation here is about more serious work and not snapshots.

However, digital has completely changed the way I shoot snapshots. I take tons
of pictures, my wife takes tons of pictures, we pull 'em into the Mac either
with iPhoto or ImageCapture and toss out what we don't want - which is most of
'em. I typically back up the images to CD before deleting unless there are a ton
of 'em I don't like. Then print the few images I want. I can write files from
Photoshop to CD and take them to PhotoSource in Sacramento and have them wet
printed. I've liked that result.

This is all faster than shooting, taking in the film to be processed, printing a
bunch of 4 x 5's I don't want, and then taking the pictures back to be printed
larger. It's completely liberating to work this way because it's so cheap. My
wife loves it and has improved her photography greatly because she can see

This is with a D30. I don't like this camera very much, as I've said here
before. But it holds 700 images (jpeg) and does good job. Digital doesn't have
the latitude that film does. Exposures have to be done with greater care. Maybe
new sensor technology does a better job. But it's like the difference between
shooting HDTV and film - it's just so much harder to shoot digital than film -
but it's a lot cheaper too.

So I guess I'm saying that digital has a different work-flow because the costs
are different. With a FireWire connection to the camera the process from capture
to sort is much faster than for film.

I'd still like to have the R8 ergonomics/design with digital and FireWire
instead of film.

Adam Bridge
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